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Facials treatments that work

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Radiant skin gives you confidence..

There is no discussion that healthy skin is the result of a daily commitment and good skin care habits.

But what if you want a little boost without going too agressive? 

There are some facial treatments that can give your skin a quick turn arround and provide you with fabulous results without getting into complicated procedures.

And the best part; they normally won’t break your bank account.

Read along to find out which of the following facial treatments will make your skin stand out from the crowd and keep people guessing on your beauty secret..


This treatment works great to tone up facial muscles. It is suitable for most people; however, you will need approval from your doctor if you are pregnant, suffer from seizures or have metal implants or other electrical devices in your body.

It is a relaxing treatment and depending on the device, you can feel the current a little bit. Most people are fine with the feeling.

The benefits are many, from stimulating circulation bringing oxygen to the area providing you with a beautiful glow, to re-educating those facial muscles to stay up. It works nicely for the eye area helping to diminish the look of lines, dark circles and puffiness.

I call this treatment a work of art because you can literally sculpt someone’s face giving the appearance of a non-surgical face lift.

If you are looking for more long term results you will need a series of sessions but the result from one facial normally lasts from 2 to 4 weeks, so you have plenty of time to enjoy those results during the holidays.


If you feel exhausted and your skin is looking it too. This treatment is a great choice.

Oxygen offers many benefits to the skin, it revitalizes and re-energizes your complexion like no other treatment, especially if you infuse it with vitamins and nutrients to bring your skin back to life.

It also brightens and tightens and gives a fresh luminous appearance.


When your skin is looking dull, uneven and you want smooth skin like a baby’s bottom.. microdermabrasion is calling for you.

Exfoliating dead skin cells from the skin surface makes your skin look more uniform and silky.

It also allows better penetration of active ingredients from your skincare so you continue to have those benefits even after the treatment.

It is important to keep in mind that although this procedure is non-invasive, new skin is exposed. New skin is more delicate and needs to be protected from the sun. Regardless of the treatment I always recommend the use of a good sunscreen daily.

Other recommendations are to stay away from heat, hot showers, steams, direct sun or harsh chemicals or ingredients that can irritate the skin.


If your mind is set in getting a more overall firmer appearance. Radio frequency gives you a quick solution and provides great stimulation for collagen renewal.

It is regularly painless. Heat is involved but many people actually find it relaxing. It works by directing heat produced by the radio waves to the deeper skin layers where the collagen forms.

When adequate temperatures are sustained for a certain amount of time, it forces the skin to produce more collagen, helping to gain back skin density (thickness) making the skin look firmer.

Like with the micro-current some conditions may require doctor’s approval and if you are looking for more dramatic results, a series of sessions are recommended. However, one treatment can give you a refreshed, firmer look for about 6 weeks.

Remember that what is most important is to select the treatment that suits your skin needs the best, that way you will achieve the most effective results.

 May your skin be glowy, dewy, fresh and beautiful!!

As always,

Thank you so much for being here!

Until next time,

Dora Salazar

Medical Aesthetician


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