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Prevent lines and wrinkles while you sleep

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Sleep is essential for rejuvenation

The body uses a lot of energy throughout the day to execute the different tasks starting from essential ones such as breathing, eating, walking etc. not to mention the endurance that it needs to fight the constant battle against free radicals, chemicals, and a polluted environment just to mention a few.

So why is getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep so important?

As you snooze off your body begins its repairing mode by releasing healing hormones, one very important is the growth hormone which influences cell regeneration making your skin look more rested and youthful.

Sleep shortage on the other hand, increases stress levels making you more irritable and depressed. It also affects your memory, you become more lethargic and forgetful.

 It dramatically increases inflammation which can exacerbate skin conditions such as: acne, rosacea, eczema etc.. In addition, poor circulation and improper drainage of toxins have a direct effect on the skin color and tone, so it starts to look lifeless and blotchy. Lines and wrinkles as well as dark circles and puffiness around the eyes become more accentuated. 

During the day we are constantly facing aging aggressors; pollution, UV rays etc. But it is at night time that the skin uses all it forces to recover and heal itself.

Here are some tips to help you prevent and treat lines and wrinkles while you sleep:


I know.. it is soo hard!

I personally have tried it for years and I am still a work in progress. 

But as the old say states: “practice make masters” so hopefully one day I will reach that goal.


If you can’t sleep on your back, the next best thing is use a silk pillowcase. The fabric is really soft and it stays smoother so it doesn’t create crinkling. Make sure you buy one that fits tight on your pillow, the tighter the better.


Exfoliating the skin once or twice a week before your  bedtime routine allows better absorption of active ingredients and removes dead skin cells forcing new cells to resurface.  A scrub works fine, but if you are looking for more dramatic results, a chemical based exfoliant would be ideal. Glycolic, lactic acid or enzymes are perfect for anti-aging purposes. You can find these in the form of toners, pads, cleansers or even overnight masks.


Hydration is key at night time. Perspiration occurs while you sleep and the skin reaches for essential components to reestablish balance and of course water is a crucial element. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, panthenol, sodium PCA are fantastic hydrators.


There is not a better time for deep rejuvenation than night time. It is the time the skin uses to repair the damage that occurred during the day. So why not take advantage of this process and provide the skin with corrective ingredients that will help stimulate skin cells to regenerate.

Let’s begin with retinol, one of the most researched ingredients. It speeds up cell renewal encouraging the skin to shed off dead skin cells and replace them for newer cells. One tip about using retinol: because it is a very active ingredient you must introduce it carefully.

A good rule of thumb is to start using it every third night the first week, then move to every other night and eventually if your skin tolerates it well, you can use it every night. If you get too much dryness or peeling that means you are using it too often, so go back to using it less often until you find the best frequency of use for your skin. Also, I like to use a moisturizer on top to counteract the risk of dryness and irritation.

Other fantastic ingredients are:

  • peptides
  • stem cells

These work by cellular communication. Their functions are to repair, restore and stimulate the formation of new tissues to improve overall functionality of the skin’s structures. Pretty cool eh!

If you have dry skin, look for ingredients like ceramides and phospholipids they are essential to restore the skin’s protective barrier and to complete the anti-wrinkle arsenal, antioxidants of course are always helpful since the skin is in constant battle with free radicals some of the best are vitamin C, vitamin E and resveratrol.


Not only will it help you relax and get you ready to doze off… but herbal teas like calendula and nettle contain essential elements such as:  antioxidants, vitamins, minerals  along with other properties that help rejuvenate skin cells preventing the breakdown of collagen and elastin, strengthening the immune system , reducing  inflammation and yes… fighting lines and wrinkles.

In life we tend to appreciate things more and as they become essential.

That is when we make them a priority. I hope I gave you very good reasons to make your beauty sleep a priority because it is certainly an essential to good health and beauty.

For me, specially now as I get older, a good night sleep is an extension of my beauty routine.

I feel it is as important as the skin care products I use everyday because one thing I understand very clearly :

” It is always a better day, when you had a good night SLEEP!” 

Thank you so much for being here.

Until next time,

Dora Salazar

Medical Aesthetician



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