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Integrative Skin Care and Lifestyle Wellness

Welcome to Functional Skin and Wellness, where we effortlessly blend the realms of skin care and holistic wellness.

Our thoughtfully designed skin treatments and wellness services are tailored to embrace your entire being, elevating various factors that unlock the full potential to achieve your skin and wellness goals. Beyond the ordinary, we harmonize modern science with ancient wisdom, integrating advanced skin protocols, functional nutrition, epigenetics, lifestyle, and emotional well-being. Join us on a journey that delves beneath the surface as we nurture both your skin and body for a radiant and vibrant holistic transformation!


Skin Care

Our integrative skin care approach aims to diminish the effects of stress and lifestyle aging through advanced skin treatments and the use of high-quality products and techniques that enhance lymphatic flow, and cell nourishment promoting a revitalized and radiant complexion.​

Holistic Wellness

Feel renewed and fully connected with your body's innate vitality. Every step of the way, we support you in optimizing your body for better health and wellbeing, creating a harmonious and revitalized sense of balance.


Professional and Self-Care workshops, classes, and training programs to help cultivate your knowledge and expand your tools for growth and wellbeing.

Epigenetics is the branch of genetics that studies the expression of genes, the various ways in which these expressions are produced, and the different factors that trigger these changes.
The Epixlife epigenetics report is a wellness report, providing valuable information on how genes are affected by the environment and lifestyle, including nutrition (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and fatty acids), toxicity, emotions, metabolic systems, and electromagnetic interferences. This information can be used as a roadmap to create a preventive plan to address factors causing disharmony and enhance elements that support the body in restoring balance.

In the Age Management report, there is an emphasis on nutrients essential for maintaining healthy skin tone and enhancing the skin’s resilience to make it more resistant to aging. This includes nutrients that support collagen and elastin synthesis.

This session includes the test, the epigenetic report generated by Epixlife, and the coaching consultation with a certified Epixlife epigenetic consultant.

You will gain a wealth of knowledge about your body and natural interventions to achieve healthy skin and optimize your body for better health and vitality.

Hello! I'm Dora,

 the founder of Functional Skin and wellness, and I am delighted to be your trusted guide on the transformative journey to radiant skin health and profound well-being. As a seasoned Aesthetician and Board-Certified Functional Wellness Professional, my commitment extends beyond personal wellness – it is about leading you towards radiant skin and vibrant health through specialized services and education.

My path towards healthy skin began amidst childhood skin health challenges, sparking an unyielding passion for exploration and understanding. These early experiences fueled my commitment to holistic skin health.

Commencing my career as a Paramedical Aesthetician, I devoted over a decade to collaborating with dermatologists and refining my expertise in addressing diverse skin concerns. Yet, a crucial realization dawned upon me: focusing solely on the surface of the skin without delving into its root causes limited the potential for authentic healing.

Now, as the founder of Functional Skin and Wellness, my passion lies in sharing the wealth of knowledge accumulated during my 28-year journey, creating an environment dedicated to personalized services.

We offer a haven for comprehensive skin care and holistic wellness within our practice. Our team blends insights, strategies, and personalized treatments, empowering you not only to transform your skin but also to advocate for informed well-being tailored to your unique needs.

I warmly invite you to join us in this transformative journey and start enjoying holistic harmony for your skin and body.

With radiant skin wishes,


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